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Judge Expected to Rule in FTC Case Against Marketers Ordered to Pay $40 Million for Making Fraudulent Weight-Loss Product Claims

Defendants Have Failed to Recall Products from Store Shelves, As Required

A federal district judge in Atlanta is expected to provide a ruling in the coming week in a Federal Trade Commission case against the marketers of three weight-loss and health-related dietary supplements. In May, the defendants were ordered to pay more than $40 million for violating a 2008 court order related to the sale of the supplements.

Specifically, the defendants, who ran an operation known as Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Inc., continued to deceptively market the same and other products, in violation of the 2008 order with unsubstantiated claims such as “rapid fat loss,” “fat burner,” “thermogenic,” and “curbs the appetite.” The $40 million judgment is one of the largest the FTC has received against a dietary supplement manufacturer.

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